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The Plot Twist Twists Things Up!? *Not A Band Anymore* Tribute

4 April 2019 Uncategorized

It’s a sad day in the Indie Land of Music!

by Jordan Adler of J-Man Radio

J-Man Radio just got informed from the former Bass Player of The Plot Twist,
Tyler Slagle that the band isn’t a band anymore and been broken up since a year and a half, therefore the bands music will be removed from our play-list rotation and awards show nominee list as soon as possible but we will be in contact of the new band that’s Buster’s new project,hopefully we will be able to play Bipaphonic on 
J-Man Radio!The Plot Twist was a 3 piece band including the band members of Bryan Snyder [Vocals/Guitars], Buster Saeli [Guitars], Mitchell Osborne [Drums} and Tyler Slagle {Bass}.They started as a band in May 25,2015, and had achieved 4 milestones in their career including “High Tides & Low Lives” EP Released 2016 “You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere” EP Release 2015″ I’ll Be Home For Christmas” Single Release 2014!!Thank you for supporting J-Man Radio and our Indie artist & bands, it was our duty to let you know of any updates for each of the artists and bands, just in case you don’t get in the loop! 

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