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Tony Sounds

Born in the city of Philadelphia, hanging out at my Fathers gas station, I met many interesting people at a very young age. Most of those folks were blues musicians of diversified backgrounds. My first instrument was a A late 50’s Gibson L-5 CES-T guitar given to me by a friend of my Dad. This man named Clarence also gave me a 1952 Kay K-125 Stratotone Electric Guitar. At that point in time the guitar just wasn’t my thing. I was a small kid and they felt so darn big that I just wasn’t comfortable. So Mom and Dad bought a piano,While my friends were playing baseball I was practicing the piano…at 8 years old. I began to take lessons and never stopped until I was about 18, which at that point in time I was graduating High School. It was now time to find some real musicians, which turned out to be a more difficult task then I had ever imagined. I had my Hammond with a Leslie Speaker Cabinet, a Fender Rhodes Piano, a Roland SH-1000 Synthesizer, and an Ampeg Porta-flex B15. Now all I needed was a band! I needed artists…folks that felt like me, thought like me, you get the picture. I finally found those people whom turned out to be life-long friends. We had a very successful career on the road for many, many years…and the rest is history. I have spent about 40 years of my life on the road, all the while working odd jobs and raising 3 of the best children any man could possibly dream of having. Being on the road does have its downsides. As much as It sounds like a great time, and it often was, it takes a devastating toll on family life. Around 1999 I had to throw in the towel and become a “regular guy”. Yeah…”regular guy”! Not an easy task. At least not for Me!! I have ever since kept a hand in writing music, engineering recordings, playing in the studio, and currently I am moving forward with my Analog Project, recording electronic and ambient music using only classic analog synthesizers and instruments. So now, along with the help and support of the J-Man Radio Management & Staff, I’m here with you. I’m here to share my experiences with you, my listeners, and ultimately world. So please join me every single Sunday evening from 6PM to 9PM EDT right here on J-Man Radio. I feel that you will enjoy every single moment.

Tony Sounds,