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Charlie Bee Released From Station After Tuesday’s Show

11 September 2019 Uncategorized

“Perfectionist Mr. Bee flew out of his perfect radio hive” said Jordan Adler,Program Director after sitting down with Consultant Adviser David Bowers about advice on how to improve the morning programming this past Monday night via Facebook Messenger.They went over what was happening with “What’s The Buzz” for the past 2 months there was issues that were frequently happening with the show prep for the now ‘former’ morning show.Jordan Adler went on saying “Mr. Bee wasn’t improving his show with new show prep for the days of the week after we suggested it to him,making public issues during his show that kept happening , the intros to the shows were wrong like “Monday on a Friday” intros like that and the segment intros was repeating every day as well” Jordan Adler said,David Bowers helped Jordan with guidance on how to tell Charlie that he was released from the station, Jordan messaged Charlie “Yeah We’ve decided that this isn’t working out the way we want it to and we need to make a change,I’m sorry but we just can’t keep you,please delete all station info including passwords and imaging ext, we wish you the best of luck” that’s why we released Charlie Bee,his show wasn’t what we was looking for, but we got in touch with a new morning show that will start next Monday,September 16,2019 so stay tuned for that blog post about “The John & Heidi Show”! We promise that this show is COOL!

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