2019 J-Man Radio Awards

Here’s what you need to know about the 2019 J-Man Radio Awards

The 2019 J-Man Radio Awards will be held at Adler Theater in Mesa,Arizona hosted by Jordan Adler and Jennie Johnson live on Facebook Live here

Performances by

  • Jennie Johnson (Jennie J)
  • Mama Cleo
  • Vincent Rutley

Appearances by

  • Jennie Johnson (Jennie J)
  • Mama Cleo
  • Vincent Rutley

Voting starts April 3,2019 midnight Eastern

All of the votes will be counted for and the winners of all categories will be revealed during the live stream and it will all lead up to the biggest award of the night, the Dedicated Supporter Award


Snack food will be provided

  • Pizza
  • Chips
  • Cookies
  • Punch/Soda 

CD giveaways of Weston Simonis “Moments of Intoxication” album during live stream only,this event will include a pre party and after party watch shows!

(please note this is a private event guests with a invite are only allowed to the event in person all other listeners/fans can watch the live stream)

Make sure RSVP a reminder of the event so you don’t miss the biggest internet night of 2019 by clicking here

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